How to Sell Your Real Estate Property Without a Realtor


Make Preparations on Your Residential Property

Clean everything within your real estate property. Enhance the appearance and condition of your landscape around the house. Repair the broken parts of the property like the fence, gate and inside the house. Give your property a brand new paint job. Get rid of personal items which you do not want to include in the sale. Personal items and collections and photos should be removed.

Know the Local Real Estate Prices

If you want to sell your house quickly at, you have ask an attractive price for it. Asking for a price a little lower than the other houses would be ideal. It would be great if you set a price lower than what price other houses get sold.

Take Advantage of Flat Listing

You can still coordinate with a local realtor without hiring them. You can contact a real estate agent and make use of flat listing. This is a great way of reaching a wider market for your house. You just have to pay around $200. To know more about real estate, check out

Hire a Professional Photographer

Real estate agents would always hire a photographer as part of marketing preparation. Why not do it like realtors are doing. This is worth the investment as it will become a vital weapon to attract buyers. Once your trusted company to buy my house in Ft Worth see attractive photos of your property, they are most likely to check your house further.

Consider Independent Online Listing Sites

You can take advantage of online listing as a marketing platform. You can increase the market exposure of your house without spending anything. Just be sure to choose those listing sites dedicated for properties within your country or local area.

Include Incentives When Selling Your House

One way of enticing buyers is to inform them that you will cover some of the closing costs. There is also an effective marketing strategy of helping buyers get a loan to fund in purchasing your house by buying points. There is also an option of giving the buyer a free appliance or furniture once they purchase your house.

Collect All Warranty Information

You need to have all the paperwork which are needed by the buyer before you even finalize the sale of the house. Make sure you prepare the documents for the heating or air conditioning system, various furniture and even home repairs.

Get a Home Inspection

If a valid home inspection is conducted in the house, you can save a lot of time getting rid of your property. The buyers will save money and opt not to hire their own home inspector if you provide a comprehensive inspection report.

Ask a real estate attorney to assist you in finalizing the sale of your home with your buyer. Look for more tips to help you get a fair price when selling your house without a realtor.


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